Colin Jackson

When I think about what we want to achieve together at Red Shoes - the conclusion I reach is pretty much always the same. 

As a young boy growing up, some people believed I might be ok at running, and I remember thinking about 'how good could I be'? How big dare I dream? I settled for trying my absolute hardest to be the best I possibly could be ..... in my area, then in Wales and maybe beyond. To be honest I know my success would have suprised my 8 year old self, had I known back then, what a fantastic journey I had begun!

Red Shoes Learning has a great team and our journey is just as exciting for me, as we too try our hardest to be the best we can be ..... in Wales and beyond. 


Rich Owen

Red Shoes derived it's name in reference to the notion that once you recognise the needs of your inner self, whatever they may be, pause a moment before you go searching North, South, East and West. Consider that there exists no wizard to wave a wand and gift you your dreams. Rather, let Red Shoes design you a unique approach - an empathetic bespoke experience within an inspiring environment. Let go of what you fear to lose, unlearn what you have already learnt, set sail out of sight of the shore ..... where we can search yourself and feel the force!

Being part of such a motivated team makes it an absolute pleasure to go to work - and for someone who didn't at one stage in life - I know the full worth of that. It is a smile on a face, a skip in a step. It is priceless. 


Bev Symmonds

Fabulous leader and hugely respected as a project manager with a particular addiction for the fine detail. Reminds all that the most beautiful results are often found whilst dotting the I's and crossing the T's. Passionate about a healthy mind and healthy body but still likely to bring cake for all to the office on a Friday. Believes we can all release the champion within and seems to make the journey of discovery enormous fun. 


Sean Williams

Maddest frog of all in any mad box of frogs. Enthusiastic, fun, funny, reliable, engaging, friendly, genuine and kind. Believes that knowing yourself is more complicated than believing in yourself - but you can't really believe in yourself without knowing yourself. Only weakness is a tendancy for late night thinking sessions, over thinking the next day tasks. If staff keep doing the same old thing - you will get the same old results. Loves his work, loves being a tutor, loves leading Red Shoes experiences and seeing people change and love themselves more and influence others around them. An all round nice guy.......Writes his own pen pics.  

Sarah Mair Richards

Brings fizz and sparkle to all she does. Imaginative thinking and inspiring ideas bring outcomes that have real legacy. Tutor, coach and mentor with letters after her name. Explosive out of the blocks on new projects and brings excitement and direction from design to delivery. Her energy lights up even the darkest of Welsh winter days. Multi talented, bi-lingual lady of repute. 



Huw Thomas

Passionate that the Welsh have an entrepreneurial spirit that remains largly untapped. He is the man to tap it. Wales needs big ideas and the mission is to develop the confidence and belief of people by discovering one's self. Experienced at fronting up sessions and more than happy to roll up his sleeves at the coal face. His Mastermind specialist subject would be, apparently: business, equality and diversity. Known to have a soft spot for those wishing to set up their own business. Yn rhugl yn y Gymraeg ond yn gallu gweithio yn Saesneg os oes rhaid!

Jane Anthony

Bonding good people and building genuine relationships within the community is at the heart of how Jane manages her projects. An approachable people's person as a tutor, and an imaginative leader. How to engage with others is key to working together and sharing the same vision and ambition. Held in very high regard from her track record in previous life in the Education sector. Legendary when on tour with Dowlais Ladies Hockey, Jane is a  lady with a strong sense of 'community' in her heart. A Merthyr girl through and through and extremely proud of it. 

Natasha Williams

Everything has its place and there is a place for everything, is a mantra which serves the team well. If youv'e put something down and it's now disappeared Tasha will be the one to ask. Fools will not be suffered - unless they are familly or very close friends. Every acrobat has a safety net, Natasha is ours. Likely to represent Wales at some stage in the future at 'spinning plates'.


Alison Crockett

Nothing is a drama in work, a play maybe, but save the play acting for some other time and place. Just do it, is a saying often heard when Alison is involved in a project. Great organiser of people and stuff so that others can have confidence 

that the discovery groundwork has been thoroughly completed. Loves a cuppa - but also brews the best.


Tom Grippar

Fanatical about film. Director and Producer at Red Shoes for over three years but also still committed to developing and supporting local young film makers in the community. Skilled at 'make do and mend' props and has an eye for a great shot. Engaging and empathetic and loves his job. What more could one ask for behind the lens or at the editing desk, but Tom.

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